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Overcharged on my Bill, overseas Billing call centre unable and unwilling to help

I was wondering if anyone could help me out by getting me direct contact with a UK based human being that can deal with my issues?  Not a link to the chat or the generic number which just gets you through to India as I have gone down that route already.  


I have contacted Billing several times about this but it always breaks down due to communication issues or they tell me it will be sorted when my bill comes.  Today I had two members of the billing team hang up on me, the second was a manager who said he couldn't make any changes as I had agreed to them, even though I explained I was told to accept the charges and they would issue them as a refund, he wouldn’t listen and just spoke over me.


My BT Vision+ box stopped working last month, the insides of the box burnt.  This is a known issue with these boxes.  I contacted BT to get a new box sent out.  The lady in the Indian call centre took an age to make the distinction between a BT Vision Box and a Home Hub and we went round in circles for several minutes.  She said that she had placed an order for a new YouView Box, this was logged as a note on my file.  I was told there would be a charge to deliver as that’s the only way for it to be sent but I would get it back as a refund.


Two weeks later no box.  Contacted BT who said that there was no order made but they could see the notes.  My first call was to someone that hung up on me when I asked if I could speak to a manager to complain that I my order hadn't been placed.  This happens often when asking to speak to a manager as I feel that they think they will get in trouble. 


Got through to the UK call Centre, they said a manager would investigate and call me back within the hour and would arrange the delivery fee to be refunded as well as compensation of sorts and refund for services not used due to no box, no call back.  


The next day I called again and the order was placed, this person explained the fee but also told me that I could contact billing when I get my next bill and get it refunded along with the other charges.


Long story short I have been charged the delivery fee, charged for the period where I couldn't use the services and no extra compensation as an apology, all charges I was told by several members of staff that I would get refunded.  I have tried to contact the Billing but the team are useless and unhelpful as stated above when the manager hung up on me.


I realise this is a long post but would be greatful if anyone on the Mod team could make it possible to speak to a human based in the UK.  I want to send this to OFCOM and complain to BT through their complaints procedure but feel that it would just fall onto deaf ears.


I am thinking of leaving BT in six weeks when my contract finishes.  The longer I am with BT the more it is costing me, no loyalty for long time users.  I'm just concerned that switching to Virgin would take too long as my partner often works from home and needs internet access.


BT is great, until something goes wrong.

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Re: Overcharged on my Bill, overseas Billing call centre unable and unwilling to help

Hi @Josh_p Sorry you are not able to get the query with your bill resolved. 


We will be happy to help you with this if you send us your details. You can contact us by clicking on my user name and selecting contact the mods.


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