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Overlapping programming causeing recording issues

I set my tivo box to record wwe smackdown live at 9pm on 29/08/2020 and yet all i got was an hour and half of baseball i mean who in england cares about a silly game of rounders sort it bt

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Re: Overlapping programming causeing recording issues

Smackdown Live isn't on at 9pm, so you've probably set to record a repeat showing. If a live baseball game was on before and it's over ran, the EPG obviously wasn't adjusted to reflect this. Why not set your recording to the actual live broadcast at 1am on Friday night/Saturday morning? 

By saying that your TiVo recorded it I'm guessing that you're on Virgin Media. The EPG not updating on Virgin Media is actually Virgin Medias problem and not BT's.

If you are watching on BT TV, all of BT's WWE programming is available on demand via BT Player (the blue button) 

Also you may not care about professional rounders aka Baseball but many people do which is why BT have bought the rights to it...


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