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PAC Codec

Where do I find the place to put PAC code ??? Leaving Giffgaff and want to keep number.  
     Thank you . 

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Re: PAC Codec

Just apply for bt mobile

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Re: PAC Codec

During the order journey to add BT mobile, you'll be asked if you have a PAC code, enter it then and continue with the order journey, your Sim might come with a temp number until the switch completes.


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Re: PAC Codec

I have got my new Sim as part of new deal . I recently moved and have new landline number as well.  So where do i put my PUK code I have gotten from old company.  I am going round in circles.   

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Re: PAC Codec

Once you are logged into your MyBT account, you need to view your mobile package. You normally get a yellow banner along the top prompting you to enter your PAC code, but if not just scroll down and you'll see some other settings and options, including one that says 'Keep my number'.

You need to make sure its a PAC code you have though, not a PUK. They're easily distinguishable, a PAC is normally in the format ABC123456.

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Re: PAC Codec

I am going round in circles, I can’t find any banners to put code into . This is frustrating the hell out of me . Can I set up my Sim to keep my number. I need help.?

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Re: PAC Codec

From BT Help pages:

Using your PAC code

Once you’ve got your PAC code head to and log in using your BT ID and password. If you haven’t set one up, it’s very easy to do so.

Create a BT ID now >

Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your PAC code.

Once we’ve got your PAC code, we’ll get in touch with your old network provider and tell them you want to switch.

You’ve got 30 days to transfer your number from the day you get your PAC code, otherwise you’ll have to request a new one.

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