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PC fails to Connect to internet


I got a new homehub6 in December. Generally I connect my iMac and iPads without issue.


However my PC fails to connect more often than it connects. The router does not appear on the wifi option although wifi fon and my airport express appear as options.


Rebooting usually solves the issue but this is an unnecessay hassle trying to connect to the router.


My wife uses the PC and my knowledge of windows 10 is minimal. Happy to slve problems on my Imacs.


Am I missing something, can any one suggest possible fixes.



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Re: PC fails to Connect to internet

did you turn of smart setup?


have you split the 2.4/5ghz networks as many devices don't like them combined


you can select the channels manually rather than auto


you can also change wireless mode from default 1 to either 2 or 3 to see if that helps

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Re: PC fails to Connect to internet

Is your PC in range of the hub? if it is Login to your router (from another device if necessary or by using an ethernet cable to your PC) and goto Advanced settings, My Network, IP v4 Cofiguration.


Assuming that Smarthub is the only router on your network, leave the DHCP server enabled but disable Authoritative DHCP, is the SSID visible now and does it work. (It won't show up immediately)


If you have more than one router on your network, say acting as a wireless access point(s), then you will need ensure that only one DHCP server is enabled

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