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We have been having a problem with our phone line for almost two weeks, this was intermittent, however as it was becoming a real nuisance I phoned 151 thinking I could speak with someone to have the problem resolved.  

The fault has has only happened since we upgraded to Infinity, and one of our phone line points was made redundant by the engineer who came out.  I did not know that this number was now automated, and there was no help this way. 


I phoned the call centre.  Eventually - some 30 minutes into the call, the customer advisor told me that the fault was with the exchange and that the fault should be resolved within five days.  When seeking advice as to the phone point which had been 'disengaged' the advisor told me to phone BT.  I asked which number to phone, after "please wait a minute" for the upteenth time, he suggested I phone 118500 and ask for a local electrician!!  Whilst telling the advisor I was not phoning a directory for a local electrician, I googled 118500 -   B.T. Directory - 59 PENCE PER CALL AND £2.39 PER MINUTE!!!!   When I suggested to the advisor that this advice was quite frankly ridiculous, he again asked me to"please wait a minute"  (now forty minutes into the call ).   The advisor then returned and advised me to phone the local council and ask for an electrician's number!!!! When I asked to speak to a supervisor because this suggestion was even more ludicrous than 118500, he repeatedly stated he could not hear me.  I did eventually speak to a supervisor who apologised and informed me he would have an engineer call out.  (I only phoned the call centre because the 151 number informs you - the line has been tested and there is no fault. (Oh, so the call centre have got it wrong).    If we have to send out an Engineer, you will be charged £120 + if fault found to be on premises!!  I despair,  I have a current complaint in about other B.T Services which I will follow up now.

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Hi kate1888,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting, I'm sorry about the poor service provided to you when you called.


Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details and we'll get the fault reported for you, we can also raise a complaint to Openreach about the socket being disconnected when the Infinity was installed.


Click on my username to find the link.



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