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POP3: Download all mail including SPAM fails

I've always run my own spam filters (Popfile) and therefore have my settings for POP3 and Forwarding as:


"Download spam with no special indicaters"


Whilst checking issues on the recent POP3 login failures (see other posts) I see I've got mail in my Bulk folder, both for my @btinternet and accounts.


Now I am also a BT Shareholder; guess where the "BT Annual Report and AGM 2017" email notification went?  Yep - Bulk mail folder.


Amateurs? Incompetent? Uncaring? - or maybe all three. Smiley Mad

Well my alternate email service appears to have been working ok for a few months - time for a full migration.







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Re: POP3: Download all mail including SPAM fails

Forwarding of suspected spam hasn't been working for months. There are a number of threads on the forum about it. Usual story, Yahoo make changes but don't tell anybody.

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Re: POP3: Download all mail including SPAM fails


The thing is that we are BT customers and it is for them to manage the relationship with their supplier something they are failing at doing which is only hurting their own reputation.

As you and many of us have said before running two email systems is turning BT email service in to a joke or perhaps they want that as users migrate off or stop using POP3 so they can then close it down. Either way they are only hurting themselves with the continued incompetence and failure to take advantage of help/information from some users that just might know a bit more than some of their so called experts.
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Re: POP3: Download all mail including SPAM fails

Some threads seem to indicate differing issues, one is mail being rejected as spam.  Even worse is mail rejected without notification as occurs with my personal pension/SIPP provider - to the point that I've now given them a g mail a/c which then is set to forward to my btinternet - and this works.  Now I only knew I wasn't getting it because it was a monthly email to tell me my pension payment had been made.  How many other of my emails are simply lost to the internet?


But to ignore "Deliver all mail" has to be a bit perverse.  It is tolerable to have false positives but to provide a flag that says "let me have it all" and then ignore it?? 


Time to step up my migration after at least 20yrs of @btinternet



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