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Re: PPP LCP Send Termination Request

Still watching this thread with interest. Great to read all of the posts. Great to know it's not just my family with the issue.


Just logged in to the HH5 for the daily check on connection and I am approaching TWO days uptime in the next hour.


Have never made it to THREE. Let's see.


Last PPP LCP was yesterday at 10am and it completed successfully.

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Re: PPP LCP Send Termination Request

Well as previously said in this thread I'm back on the ECI modem and HH5, so far I've had 1 day 12 hours without  a PPP LCP failure.

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Re: PPP LCP Send Termination Request

Hi Guys,


This issue has already been raised and we posted our final response on this back on the 17 February.  Our position has not changed and you can view BT’s official response from this thread


We are now locking this thread for the exact same reason we locked the last.  Concentrating on the PPP LCP messages will not resolve the underlying issue so you are not going to get the most out of the community.  This message is being reported by the hub due to some underlying issue. This is something we can help identify.


We are more than happy to help everyone who is having problem with their connections.  Can I ask that anyone who would like help with their broadband connection please drop me an email.  You will find my link under the about me section of my profile.





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