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PRICE CHANGE from 5th Jan 2013

I sent the following email to BT a few days ago.


Hello BT

Can’t work out why my bill has increased.  I thought my contract for the year was at fixed prices.  Your online Q & A also says the prices will be frozen until 2014 at the earliest.  See below.

We know that no one likes price increases, which is why we kept changes to 5.9% or less for Voice and Broadband and why we have frozen prices (for existing BT customers) on monthly line rental, UK landline calls, BT Broadband, BT Infinity, Vision Essential, and the Unlimited Anytime Plan until 2014 at the earliest.


I believe I asked for the reply by email.  However a gentleman telephoned me but I found difficulty with his accent so I told him I would write to BT for an answer.  


I would be grateful for any advice as to why my bill is showing a price increase. (I upgraded to 40gb some months ago from 10Gb).  

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Re: PRICE CHANGE from 5th Jan 2013

Yes, they have frozen them.  They have frozen them now, just after putting up the prices at the beginning of January.

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Re: PRICE CHANGE from 5th Jan 2013

Thank you Ectophile, what a disappointment.

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Re: PRICE CHANGE from 5th Jan 2013

The Arthur Daley school of ethics, increase the prices way above inflation, then announce to the world that you are freezing prices until 2014 which makes it sound like years away.
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