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PS4 Strange Issue

Hi folks


Having a weird issue I just am unable to fix, basically the long and short of it is, my ps4 speeds are awful, my bt infinity connection seems pretty good though.


Both my PC and PS4 are connected directly by ethernet, yet my ps4 only tests at 4mbps each way, sometimes the download will go up to a decent speed but the upload never goes up above 4mbps.


Ive put the ps4 in a DMZ, ive port forwarded, ive reset the router and ive even reinitialised the ps4 to its factory default settings etc.


Any help at all because im currently at a head scratching moment



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Re: PS4 Strange Issue

The PSN speedtester has always been like this for me.


When I test the internet connection on my ps4 I get 30.5Mbps Download and 5.7Mbps Upload.


The results on ps3 are even worse.


If I do a speed test on my xbox one it say 70Mbps download and 18Mbps Upload.


I think the problem is that the Playstation speed test servers are just slow as download speeds when downloading from PSN seem normal.


Although I would just like to add that if you are using a Bthomehub 4 or homehub 5 then go into the hubs settings and switch off smart setup as that can slow down speeds on consoles as well as give the wrong MTU.



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