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PS4 Users Infinity 3/4 FTTP

Hi All,
Reading here, and elsewhere, it seems some suffer compatibility issues that can render psn access useless.
As is always the way on the Internet, it's hard to find a good news tale - only bad.
I'm pending my infinity 3 install and I'm hoping that will be the end of my connectivity issues forever.
Except I read stories of hh5 simply not working with ps4/psn.
Could someone confirm that 'it just works?'
Failing that, I'm confused over possible fixes. It's been so long to get to this point that id happily buy a new router if it solved the (potentially non existent) problem.
The new hh5 doesn't have a separate modem if I understand correctly. That's not a common thing.
Could someone point me to a possible purchase should there be a problem? Do I need a separate modem with FTTP/infinity 3?

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Re: PS4 Users Infinity 3/4 FTTP

Hi @SimonN
The only version of the HH5 that has a 'compatibility' issue is the HH5A if you get a HH5B you'll be golden.

What you must be referring to is the 'IP fragmentation' message the PS4 displays in the internet connection test.

I have a PS4 connected up to my HH5A and I do get this message but it had no ill effects on my ability to play online games and anything else I wanted.

No lag etc etc...It does indeed just work for me anyway. 😛

The HH5 has a red WAN port.

An engineer who'll do your install will bring a modem with him. So in terms of that you'll be fine. 🙂

When the external modem is connected to the HH5 it'll simply just 'disable' the internal one.


*This is my's a bit boring*
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Re: PS4 Users Infinity 3/4 FTTP

I have the HH5 (type B) with FTTP (300 down, 30 up) and have no issues whatsoever connecting to PSN.


Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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Re: PS4 Users Infinity 3/4 FTTP

Thanks Both. I'm crossing everything in anticipation.
Roll on 17th.
There do seem to be issues for some. That's why I was looking for some good news stories. 🙂
Time for a bit of balance for visitors to this forum I think.
I'll be honest, reading what I had read here: if I had other options (I don't) I don't think I would have gone for BT.
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Re: PS4 Users Infinity 3/4 FTTP

You could say that about any provider really.


I've been with BT for a while as I was lucky enough to be on the FTTP trials back in 2003. The only major problem I had was Christmas a couple of years ago when the broadband servicve went down and they weren't quite sure what the problem was. Took them a while to fix it, but fix it they did.


People generally don't come onto forums to praise companies 😉