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PSA - FTTP Speed Testing on 900Mbps packages

Just a quick PSA on anyone with a new FTTP connection who is experiencing speed problems when they are doing speed tests. 

The following has been my connection over the past few weeks:

2020-11-20 11_57_15-Window.png


So what changed on the 17th?  I stopped using normal speed test services (

If your on the top FTTP package finding a speed test provider who can do a solid 900Mbs upload (download to you) is very difficult.  Often the issues with slow speeds are not due to the FTTP connection the ability of the speed test provider to give you a full test.  Additionally speed tests are typically a short duration (15-30 seconds), this isnt enough time for your connection to get up to full speed.  FTTP is still pretty rare so it will take a while for speed test companies to catch up.

I swapped to using Amazon S3 buckets to transfer a large file over a longer period of time and used this to calculate the speed.  As you can see I'm getting a solid ~970Mbps down and 120Mbps up.

So just a quick awareness that its not always your connection that's at fault, it can be the speed test provider your using.


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Re: PSA - FTTP Speed Testing on 900Mbps packages is another option as it allows some configuration and has substantial bandwidth.

If you go into the settings you can increase the number of parallel connections and increase the test time which gives better and more stable results. 

Screenshot 2020-11-20 132622.png

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