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Package Discount not given after delayed service install

I setup my broadband and telephone to go live on the 2nd December 2015 after a house move in November 2015.  I managed to get a black friday deal with a 12 month contract with a special discount on the broadband package.  The phone line was activated without a hitch and the line rental was charged.  After some very confusing calls the broadband was eventually activated on the 1st Feb.  Initially the broadband was charged at full price without the discount.  I eventually got the money back but no apology.  My broadband price jumped to full price in December 2016 when I was told the discount would remain for 12 months of the broadband service.  That makes logical sense as the contract was not furfilled until all services went live.  This means I should recieve a £27.80 credit on my final bill.  After a long call on Saturday I am not sure the money will be refunded as I do not trust verbal assurances.  


Can I have it in writing that the discount will be kept until the 1st Feb and I will recieve a refund? 


PS I have decided to move to a top rated provider as I can't bare going through this terrible service again.

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