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Packet Loss, How to request super stable profile?


I recently switched to BT and I've been encountering terrible packet loss when playing games online (700 - 1400 packets lost per game of Valorant, previously 1- 10 on old ISP), I've never had this before but some searching on this forum shows that that there is a Super Stable profile that can be ordered and applied to the account.

The issue I have is that I just spent over an hour on the help line to be told that no such thing exists and even the person that was queried on the technical team said that they'd never heard of anything like this in the 20 years they have worked at BT.  

I've told them about the community posts but they have said it just must be for commerical customers? I have no problem with the connection speed or pings being impacted if the packet loss was to cease but I have no idea how to actually request this. Can anyone help please?



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Re: Packet Loss, How to request super stable profile?

are you sure the posts you were reading were in connection with VDSL and not old posts for customers on adsl?

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Re: Packet Loss, How to request super stable profile?


Thanks for the reply, I think they could be? Here's one from 2019 and the best solution details what I mentioned above. Do you know if they coverted all lower speed connections from ADSL to VDSL since then?

I'm currently on Fibre 1, I'd love to upgrade to BT FTTP but it's not available in my area yet.

Edit: I think I must be on VDSL as my connection speed is 33MB/S, does this mean that no form of Dynamic Line Management is being applied because the connectino is VDSL rather than ADSL?

I seem to remember buying an Openreach modem off eBay years ago in an old property that improved things with an third party router, would this work for packet loss too or am I barking up the wrong tree?



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