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Re: Packet Loss

@bartman1967 wrote:

@AmAtoL wrote:

While BF4 has a lot of so called netcode issues, there a are a few servers out there that play better than the rest.


Personally I have given up on Infinity for FPS gaming, it's not what it says on the tin, disconnection commencing 17th of this month.


Luckily I have  Virgin line as well which I am using now, also it is much better than Infinity for BF4 for some reason.

I have had a few good games on BC2, then BF3 and now BF4 but overall it's been a let down.


Try this if you are on PC :-


Best hitreg server for me.



Good luck mate, VM is to saturated here, Infinity 2 was amazing when I first started using it, BF3 was great to start off with, had pings of 10 -13ms on all uk servers and 15-20 on Euro ones, 5 months after install the network went down here after it was repaired never had a ping less than 20ms on UK servers and gave up on the Euro ones, I have reported it but the end result after many months of complaining and emails they turned round and told me that they will do nothing unless the ping was over 100ms, as soon as my contract is up virgin media will be getting a call, all my friend are still on it and they have no problems, pings are always sub 14ms on UK servers and below 20ms on Euro ones.


So really its a problem with BT, not EA. (Proof in the pudding = US spell checker)



Might see you on the battlefieldSmiley Wink


What's slow about FTTC........DLM 😞
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