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Packet Loss

It has been about 8 days since my internet has been playing up 

I have defo lost some upload speed 

I am fibre to the cabintet , i was getting around 41 down and 6 up , now im getting 4 up 

The boys ps4 games are lagging since 8 days ago 

Just generally surfing the web doesn't seem as fast 

I had an engineer out on Friday who i got to say was brilliant he did his very best to find something but bar a couple of minor things , there was nothing wrong 

Being situated where i am that is as fast a deal as i can have 

I have been on this connection for 2 years with no lag 

I have contacted support for some of these games , two yesterday  i was on live chat with 

both were using pathping under cmd and both said i'm suffering packet loss which is why i'm struggling with there servers 

I need to get this sorted as my kid has spent his xmas money etc on this 

I know my way round a computer but not the technical side so much 

i really need some help please 


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Re: Packet Loss


Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.



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Re: Packet Loss

no my man bt engineer checked this last week , is this somewhere i can share my results 

nba2k20 said i only had 3 nodes open instead of near 30 

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Re: Packet Loss

Post hub stats. If hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information. If hh5 then troubleshooting then helpdesk 

enter phone number and post results

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Re: Packet Loss

Post a tracert to the site.

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Re: Packet Loss

have the smart hub 

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Re: Packet Loss

sorry my man im not up on all this
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Re: Packet Loss

the hub is bt smart hub 6 a im in the technical log 

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Re: Packet Loss

are you wanting the results from the technical log
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Re: Packet Loss

@dylanmace wrote:

no my man bt engineer checked this last week , is this somewhere i can share my results 


Have you actually checked it now yourself, using a phone?

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