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Re: Packet loss making gaming unplayable

Hello! I am having the same issue I even had an engineer come check the lines and everything and nothing he could do... Would really apreciate if someone had a solution. 😞

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Re: Packet loss making gaming unplayable

Old post i know but ive been away for a while and since you dont seem to have solved it......


Out of intrest have you had the bt perental controls fully disabled? they have been known to interfear with lots of legit services like netflix, amazon prime and online gameing.


I disagree with jhon as to me looking at the readout id say there is a problem with the hub (or connection to it) as there should be no packet loss to it at all. is the pc/ps4 direct connections to the hub (2 cables and no network switch/powerline adapters) and if so what type of cable you useing? (i have cat 6). im just asking as the only time i had any packet loss at all it turned out the 4 port 100meg network switch i had connecting my pc, printer, ps4 and bedroom smart tv was giving up the ghost, replaced it with a 8 port 1gig switch and never had a packet loss problem since.


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Re: Packet loss making gaming unplayable

The VPN companies need conditions to operate.

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