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Packet loss while gaming

Hi all,


Just wondering if anyone can help?

I've called BT support but they said they couldn't do anything.

I'm getting packet loss while gaming and it's extremely frustrating - it's been happening for just over a week now.

I had not changed anything on my end.

I have tried troubleshooting myself:

Reset my router

Reboot my pc (it's a high end desktop)

It is on more than 1 game.

I'm hard wired.

When connecting through 4G its a lot better, only dropping occasional packets due to 4g signal - which would point towards DSL connection being the issue.

I've ran ping plotter tests to the game servers, and although I am getting packet loss on their servers - which I've made them aware of I'm also dropping packets as soon as the data leaves my router.

Any advice would be great. At the end of my teather with it.




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Re: Packet loss while gaming

Here's a ping potter snap.

Hid that IP. Wasn't sure if it's mine or not




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Re: Packet loss while gaming

Don't think there's anything anone can do because BT don't care about the quality of the service they provide. A lot of people are reporting pretty significant packet loss due to the increased load on the network from the corona isolation measures but they don't consider that a "problem" so nothing will really get done.

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Re: Packet loss while gaming

I seen quiet a few posts on here with people getting similar issues but they were stating it was with Netflix running on another device, which I thought would just be bufferbloat.

That PingPlotter graph was plotting to BT's network. The 2nd hop after my router is one of the biggest issues for me right now.
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Re: Packet loss while gaming

Still no reply? 

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Re: Packet loss while gaming

That hop is configured strangley as I dont think it's supposed to respond to ICMP requests but it does for some reason. The loss isnt anything to be worried about on that hop at least.

You need to ping a game server to see if the packet loss is carrying over to the game ISP's network.

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Re: Packet loss while gaming

I'll try and get a hop later when I'm on



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