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PacketLoss for 2 months. No fix?

 Hello there, 


 I have had significant packet loss on my BT internet for over 2 months now. I have had numerous engineers out who always say the line is "fine". They have done multiple checks such as replacing master sockets/wires/exchange ports. This is still an ongoing issue. I have flagged a complaint to BT but no one seems to care so I am very close to switching to Sky. I have attached a picture of "pingplotter" regarding my loss. I will also note that when this occurs my speed also drops way below what I am guaranteed "30mbps". 


  Does anyone know of any solutions to this other than changing ISPS? . Online chat are very good however recently are just poor. My job is on the line as I am a design consultant working from home. I use "zoom" software for clients and therefore can't even hold a stable connection. This causes robotic voice over VoIP and a not so happy client. 


 Any help would be greatly appreciated. (This also tends to happen in the evening 3pm onwards). 


- I have replaced all RJ45(ethernet) cables in the home.

- I have disconnected all WiFi 

- Factory Reset Router(Smart Hub 2)

- Split WiFi Channels 

- Swapped out DSL Cable. 

- Plugged DSL cable directly into Master Socket. 

- Clean install of OS. 

- Updated Sound drivers + GFX drivers.

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Re: PacketLoss for 2 months. No fix?

 As of today 20/02/2021 this still isn't fixed and we're looking at new providers in our area incase anyone was wondering. 

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Re: PacketLoss for 2 months. No fix?


Sorry you want to leave, but since you seem to have done pretty much everything at your end to clear this issue, can I assume reading between lines of your comments that this packet loss is happening only at certain times of the day ?

Are you able to do the ping plotter to the IP ? and see what the results are ?

I tried to do the same from my network, and saw that there is no loss up until the main IP gateway in BT network.

It could be that what you are seeing is due to potential congestion in BT network or beyond. I suspect network congestion will be encountered in other networks too at various times. I am not sure if any ISP will guarantee lossless traffic to a specific server at all times. btw, I am not suggesting that you do not have a problem, but the problem could be elsewhere and not necessarily in your local broadband connection

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Re: PacketLoss for 2 months. No fix?


Are you connecting the PC by WiFi or ethernet cable. You mentioned that you have split and disconnected all WiFi, but your connection method is not actually stated. If you are using WiFi, can you try the same tests with an ethernet connection?

Incidentally, I have just run a continuous ping to as suggested by @prasadm and get variations between 10msec and 34msec - is this wide variation to be expected? Currently using Linux laptop on WiFi.

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Re: PacketLoss for 2 months. No fix?

Not sure as to why id ping dns) which is surely the exact same as pinging google?. Either case it's still the same issue i have been monitoring multiple servers for a while. As you mentioned it could be potential congestion on BT's end this is more than likely. Hop one(me) is fine on pingplotter this shows this packet loss isn't my fault. I have recently had an engineer out and the issue still persists, i get packet loss the speeds drop. This is on BT's end and thus we will be leaving. Unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do :). I also don't run wireless i have always ran Ethernet and yes i have changed cables + router. Again its on BT's end and we will be leaving. Thanks for the help and reply though its much appreciated.
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Re: PacketLoss for 2 months. No fix?


In the end of course it is your decision to stay or leave, but what I was trying to see was whether the issue is in your local network or the wider internet (including BT network). The DNS was just another server to ping on, to see if there is a difference. The way I understand it, if there is no packet loss until your Gateway (on the WAN side), then it is unlikely the issue is in your local network. And for issues beyond the gateway there could be number of reasons why packets maybe lost only one of them being congestion and some of these issues maybe beyond the control of the ISP's (in this case BT's) influence. The ISP can usually only control issues within their network up until their egress. Hence my statement that it is unlikely any ISP can guarantee lossless connection to a different server/IP. You may get a better connection of course, but that is a matter of chance. Good luck anyway, really hope you get  a better connection.


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