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Paid bill and switched to monthly payments...

Hi, I just paid my bill in full and have now swtiched to monthly direct debits to avoid the payment charges. My question is this, as I was billed in advance for line rental etc, when will BT start collecting the monthly payments, as surely I am now in credit for 3 months? Will they just collect any call charges for the next 3 months?

Thanks in advance Smiley Happy

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Re: Paid bill and switched to monthly payments...

If you have moved to the Monthly Payment Plan (quarterly bills with regular monthly payments), your monthly payment should include line rental, package costs and call charges. This means that you will have more or less paid the next bill by the time it arrives. (There will be some discrepancy because call charges vary, but this is catered for by subsequent reviews of your monthly payment.)


On the other hand, if you have changed to monthly billing, I would expect the next 3 bills to be for calls only and subsequent ones to include a month's line rental and package charges in advance. But you don't always get what you expect, and in this case I would check with BT via Live Chat.

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