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Parental Controls in Net Protect Plus

Can anyone please help.


I have installed BT Net Protect Plus on a WinXP sp3 PC, and installed in the administration account. I have 3 other user accounts for kids and set these up as limited accounts. When I log in to the Admin account and add these users to parental controls, I have set up the appropriate age range and the admin console says that the user accounts are all now protected.


When going into the kids limited accounts, it is quite clear that no parental controls exist at all, no site adviser either, and unlimited surfing to all the nasty sites. I can log in to the Mcafee control panel from the XP limited account and it states that protection is working, but clearly it is not. How do I actually get parental controls to work??


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Re: Parental Controls in Net Protect Plus


After spending over 2 hours n the phone to tech support, I have been tols that parental Controls do not work in BT Protect Plus. 

Come on BT, you have got to do alot better than that..Is anyone else having this problem??

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Re: Parental Controls in Net Protect Plus



Until you get the Mcaffee products working for you (or get a response from BT), you could try This will protect your kids from getting to any nasty sites (and wasting time on facebook if you so desire).


It's free (for the basic settings) and easy enough to implement  - you just need to create an account and follow the simple instructions to set the DNS settings on each PC. Setting web content filtering to medium wil block all sites unsuitable for children. Setting web content filtering to High will prevent all social networking.


Hope this hepls,


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Re: Parental Controls in Net Protect Plus

This is nothing to do with the technical solution and not primarily directed at Scoob, but a bit of philosophy out of my experience. I found a need to clearly distinguish between protecting my children and controlling them!


Protecting them is fine, and they should understand it's for their benefit. But if you start trying to use technical measures to fence them off from the internet when they want to access it, you start a hacking contest. It's a contest in which you have a few minutes a week to set up the walls, and they have all day every day to dream up ways to knock holes in them. For doing this, they have access to the IT experience of hundreds of their peers at school. The result is inevitable. 🙂

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Re: Parental Controls in Net Protect Plus

OpenDNS is fine, however this will affect all users on that PC.


I thoroughly recommend Family Safety from Microsoft which is free. I have 3 laptops with multiple users on each. The adult accounts are not monitored, whereas the kids accounts have time restrictions and varying levels of content filtering. You can view the activity from any PC so I can check when I am at work or make changes. The kids can email me if they need access to a site that has been blocked. I also like the fact you can block messenger or allow it, but have each new contact sent to me for approval.  You can also block individual applications and downloads.


If the kids need to use a new PC (maybe at a relative's house) where they try and get round these things then I can install the software on there and apply their account settings so all PCs are then monitored.

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Re: Parental Controls in Net Protect Plus



have you tried family protection another product bt provide, i have both, but read today you are better off switching parental controls off in netprotect and use FP.


however one thing i fine frustrating is that my daughter gets blocked but you cant tell what blocked it and why


also unlike the previous offering from yahoo which allowed you to allow access to a site instantly, this doesnt.


i guess this could be bad set up by me one day ill go through it all again



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