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Password and Answers to Security Questions missing

We are a very small charity and have been given a new PC and wish to set up our btinternet account on the new PC.  We don't know either the password set for the account nor the security questions used by the person who set up the account on the old PC over 5 years ago (and he/she is long gone) so we can't reset the password online via the BT Yahoo email password online reset facility.   How in these circumstances do we either find our old password or reset a new one?  Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

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Re: Password and Answers to Security Questions missing

If its a dial-up account, then you do not need a password, as the phone number you are calling from is used for validation, provided that your number is not withheld.


If the dialler requires a password, then just enter BT.


If its a broadband connection, then you do not need a password to access the Internet, but BT would have given you an e-mail address and password when you ordered the broadband line.



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Re: Password and Answers to Security Questions missing

If the old PC is still working, and if you read mail using a program such as Outlook or Outlook Express, then the password is stored on that PC, but in an encrypted form.


If that's the case, then I do know a techy way of finding the password, but it's really only for computer geeks.


Install a (free) program called Wireshark on the old PC.  Shut down all applications except the email program.  Start Wireshark and hit "Send/Receive", or equivalent, in the mail program.


Rummage through the logs generated in Wireshark until you find the username (which I assume you know).  Not far away will be the password that the email program has just sent to get the mail from BT's servers.

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