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Re: Pending HH5 delivery - will it be a 'type B?'

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the HH5b did not supersede the HH5a and both are issued to new and existing BT customers  from recent publicity there is a new HH6 due out later this year

True but the HH5 Type B is Broadcom based and works with G.INP, given the massive problems people have had with Type A devices over the last 12 months or so with the ECI / G.INP SNAFU it is very easy to see why a Tybe B is the prefereable choice.

the type B is far from perfect - from forum posts including your post about the wireless 5ghz

In which a user replied that the Type B works faultlessly.


No it isnt perfect but i'd rather have a Type B, the Type A is clearly being forced to run a technologiy it was never designed to use which is causing many problems for many users, it also doesnt play well with the PS4 and it loves to reboot every 14 days. Where as the Type B does work with G.INP, it does play well with the PS4 and it doesnt reboot every 14 days for no good reason.

I have a HH5a and apart from the 14 day reboot problem which has now stopped I have not had any problem and in fact when openreach activated G.INP on my ECI cab my connection improved with my attainable increasing together with my noise margin.  My actual speed stayed the same as it is at max 80mb

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