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Personal Broadband versus Business Broadband


So after having a fault on the line for a few days which, as far as I can tell, is getting ignored because I'm low priority and for personal broadband the response time is 4 days, I've had a thought that I might get better service if I had business broadband.


Am I right in thinking that for business broadband BT aim to have it fixed within 24 hours or they take money off your next bill?

Am I also right in thinking that for personal broadband that response time is 4 days?


The prices don't seem incredibly different.


Any reason why I shouldn't upgrade to business broadband?


 - Mike.

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Re: Personal Broadband versus Business Broadband


It depends on what SLA you require, not all services will be eligible for TotalCare, owing to the difficulty in repair, and lack of network monitoring.




Business broadband is more expensive, but you do have a range of options, which is reflected in the final price.


You may be best asking on the BT Business forum at


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Re: Personal Broadband versus Business Broadband


Thanks for the links. Looks like as standard they aim to fix the fault at the end of the second working day after the fault was reported, which was the end of yesterday.

I have no idea why they told me they had 4 days to fix it when I phoned them up yesterday.


Is there somewhere that says what happens if they fail to fix it in those timescales?

I can understand by the nature of these things that they may miss these targets sometimes but I'd at least like it if they have a financial incentive to meet the targets.



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