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Personalised Deals Not working

My existing contract with BT has expired although I am still paying BT and receiving Infinity. When I try to see what my options are, I get the following message:-

"Sorry, we can't show you any personalised deals at the moment. But there's nothing to stop you checking out our current offers for broadband, TV, landline and BT Sport"

Why is this?  On checking the forums, I know I am not alone and that the standard response is to phone BT. Well I would rather do my own research as to what is on offer than have some salesman push something that I don't want or ask silly questions as if I was a technical illiterate.

Given that the pandemic is causing huge problems for call centres at the moment, why is BT not making use of Smart technology to provide me with my options to replace the deal that I had?

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Re: Personalised Deals Not working

The "the standard response is to phone BT"  is because you will almost always get a better renewal deal than what is offered in the "Personalised Deals" which is just a marketing tool to make the customer feel as though they are getting something selected just for them.

You can do your own research by either going to comparison sites or trolling through all the sales offers that are available from each of the ISPs that offer broadband in your area. 

BT and other ISPs don't automatically offer the "best" deal/options to renewing customers because the vast majority of customers who come to the end of their minimum term contract just carry on paying without either checking to see what other ISP will offer or calling their present ISP to see what deal they can negotiate.




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Re: Personalised Deals Not working

Hello I get the same error message and have raised it as a complaint.   Still waiting for the result.  Hopefully if I find out, I can let you know!

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Re: Personalised Deals Not working

I recieved a reply from BT and they stated there was a marker on the account which stopped me going any further causing the error message.  I now seem to recall having this problem before which I thought was rectified.  anyway all works now, so best get on to them as it must be the same on your account.

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