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Phishing e-mails claiming to be from BT

So far this week, amongst the 20 odd spam e-mails daily,  I have had 4 e-mails claiming to be from BT, which are clearly phishing. As I recognise them as such they are not going to get me to click on the links, but other people may do if they receive them.


I have followed the advice on the BT web pages (and the sticky on this forum page) and tried sending them to, but they get returned.


I also tried another address


In both cases I got a "550 Delivery not authorized, message refused".


Can one of the mods please look into this, as given the poor performance of your spam filters in general, it is essential we have a working address to send phishing e-mails to.



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Re: Phishing e-mails claiming to be from BT

I posted some comments on the Scam Awareness Announcment Message about this and the fact "" does not work and after BT online help suggested "" which also did not work. One of the Forum admins said he would raise it with the team that looks after Email queues. So we'll see what happens.

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Re: Phishing e-mails claiming to be from BT

Here is the thread in question. Of course BT should make sure that the advice they give is operative and no doubt there will be something on that in due course. But it would be enlightening if they also said just what they could do about reported instances. Not much I suspect. Other companies (eBay and banks spring to mind) have run reporting schemes in the past but seem to have lost interest, probably because they were swamped with information that they couldn't do anything with.

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Re: Phishing e-mails claiming to be from BT

This may be a better place to report them, the chances of BT being able to do anything is minimal but if all the info goes here they may be able to build a patten and take some action, at least it is worth a try.


At least there is some interesting info on their site.

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