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Phone Fault - Help with BT Support systems

Hi all,


I've got a very crackly line... just wondering if anyone can shed light on my support experience.


Had a crackly line for a bit; bought new cordless phone - same bad crackling. Happy to do all the usual master socket tests etc...still crackly line. Went through the BT website which then directs towards a BT engineer visit. OK - a morning off work and the engineer comes. As usual for me, a really good, helpful, knowledgable person. Says the line is crackly but tests are shosing it as outside the house - needs referring to the underground team. Fine.


Tracking the fault on My BT, fault show resolved but gives me the chance to conform this...but when I click not reslved, all I get are various error codes (windows PV, or iphone or ipad!). Then the conformation option disappears. I'm left wondering if my fault is really resolved...or is it still live with 'underground team'.


Called back after hanging on for chat... a very pleasant man tries to help. Goes roughly like this:


  • I see you've done all thechecks before, I will raise a new fault and so you need an engineer visit.
  • But I've already had a visit - fault is confirmed as outside the house - with the underground team.
  • But I've already had one...I'm just seeking advice about how I track the fault if it's with the underground team.
  • The fault was closed so you need an engineer - are you aware of the charges.
  • (Continues in a circular fashion until I surrender and accept an engineer visit; another costly day away from work).


Now...I'm pretty relaxed about customer service. I hate seriel complainers and the whingy cultrure we're getting into, but even I get irritated with this type of service. It's certainly not the fault of the support guy who is following a dumb inflexible algorithm though.


Anyway, can anyone help with this sort of thing? What happens once a fault is passed to an underground team? Is it trackable? Is the BT fault resolved because one company has resolved it's bit and the underground company are different? Am I at risk of being stung for a fee for this totally unecessary engineer visit (not to mention my own time - I'm self employed!).


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Re: Phone Fault - Help with BT Support systems

only an engineer visit is going to get this resolved all of the network is maintained by Openreach it sounds like it needs an underground specialist
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