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Phone Fault

I am suffering the usual lack of customer care/service regarding a phone line fault.

Sun 28th Dec friend rings , loud hum on line with weak voices in background could hardly hear him.

reported fault on line at 6-20pm. Repair estimate Fri 2nd jan.


Wed 31st Dec repair update indicates engineer allocated. Late afternoon engineer seen down an inspection pit opposite

house, he didnt call at house, line went dead then then just the engineers test clicking sound.Engineer left test sound still on line.


Fri 2nd Jan Test sound still on line no engineers in sight. Contacted chat line late afternoon via weak Bt Fon connection whilst

on the test sound removed and noisy line restored as was broadband (infinity) Noise now variable hum /crackles and distant voices behind the call voice.


Mon 5th Jan Engineer appears opposite house opens inspection pit checks joints, inspects joints earlier on cable run.

Second engineer appears. They look puzzled.They dont call at house. I go out to tell them that just before Christmas the local council installed new street signs in the grass verge about 100ft from the inspection pit.They said they were investigating  several faults on lines from the pole i am served from but my phone/house no. not on their list.

They said probably my fault was connected and would combine it with their list and yes the test was showing a fault where

one of the new street signs were. They marked the site of this and went without calling at any of the house with faults.

They did say the fault could be affecting up to 20 lines.

Later that day a larger Openreach van arrives Parks up opposite suspected cable fault and goes about an hour later without

the occupant getting out.


Tues 6th Jan Coming home late afternoon i see an engineer checking the joints down the inspection pit prior to the cable fault (this might be unrelated)


Wed 7th Jan Fault tracking page is updated Engineer has been allocated and Fault fixed by 23-59pm 5th Jan


Thurs 8th Jan I contact the chat line again. After a wait whilst the line was checked i was told yes there was a fault

The Indian lady couldnt tell me when it would be repaired. On pushing her she tried to contact openreach and then informed

me that it was a cable fault and underground engineers were working on it at that moment. Guess what i was looking at 

the cable fault site and no sign of anybody. She informed me that Openreach would complete the work by Monday PM

and i would get some automatic compensation for poor service as soon as the fault was cleared.She would personally see to this.


Mon 12th Jan 11a.m. no sign of engineers or contactors digging.I dont think this fault will be fixed today as promised on Thurs


The upate page shows another engineer was allocated on Friday 9th. Thats 3 engineers have been allocated not one has 

contacted me.


I realise the best intentions can go wrong. I am not too worried about compensation. I just want to be kept informed

and be told what the problems are and a realistic prognosis to the issue. Many of the complaints on this Forum would not be

made if the complainants had only been contacted and told the truth.


Come on Bt you are a communications company get communicating




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Re: Phone Fault

Guess what, 9-08 a.m. today another engineer allocated to fault but still no contact

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Re: Phone Fault

Guess What, No engineer will be showing today. Rang faults and was informed fault does affect about 20 lines.Was told it was due to be fixed Fri 16th Jan. Told it takes 5 working days for the underground team to come out Today is 6th day since fault location was identified Fri will be 10th day. Whilst we were talking and the fault was being escalated to dedicated team the repair date was moved out to Tues 20th  12 working days after fault was reported to underground team. Even the poor guy

in India seemed at a loss.I live in King's Lynn Norfolk and we havn't had too bad weather to cause delays. If i was in North West

Scotland i could understand.


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