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Phone Line Activation



i am moving to a new house on the 26th May - I have requested the service from BT and they were going to activate on the 7th June which although slow was managable - now i get notified that the activation will not take place till the 25th June due to Sky still having the line activated from the previous owners, i am assured they have cancelled and are getting a new line in their new house. However i cannot really do without Phone or Broadband for that long. is there any way to activate sooner or get Sky to free the line up?


The BT Lady who informed me said there is nothing they can do but a whole month of no phone - its not heard of.


Please help as this is going to cause a lot of problems



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Re: Phone Line Activation

this is a customer help customer forum and only BT employess are the mods.  you could try online chat and see if they can help you

live chat

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