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Phone Line Not Working, 3 BT Engineers and Still Not Working.

I am at my grans house and her phone line is not working and she relies on her phone to contact the outside world. It was randomly ringing and when people phoned it would ring once then stop ringing. This has been going on for 3 weeks.

We have had a bt engineer out today and since he left the phone rang every minute at 40 seconds past. After an hour of this we got fedup. I unscrewed the faceplate of the master socket and plugged in a phone to the test socket (so i could phone bt and see what’s going on) and i got a dial tone and it stopped ringing every minute. The problem is now after i screwed the faceplate back in its dead no dialtone or anything. I was very careful in unscrewing the faceplate and nothing was disconnected (even the faceplate socket does not work)

I am fed up with talking to some person who I can’t hear or understand and says they will fix it in 2 hours but never dones.

Can is there a complaints department in the UK who can help, as there is something very wrong and my gran has no idea what to do. I need something done today or tomorrow, as she is very worried about not being able to contact anyone.

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Re: Phone Line Not Working, 3 BT Engineers and Still Not Working.

Hi welcome to the forums
You can try this link to live chat

or you could contact the forum moderators here at this link
they normally reply by email or phone directly to you within 72 hours

They are a UK based specialist team who have a good record at getting problems solved

if you can get a dial tone at the test socket then it suggests that the fault is with your extensions which could be a chargeable repair you could leave the phone connected to the test socket and use it like that while the fault is repaired it is unlikely that it will be resolved in the time scale you at looking at as the normal fault repair time is at least 3 days
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