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Phone Line "cut" by BTOR Engineer while installing Neighbours Line

Hi All,

I have currently just had what i would call quite a bizarre and "unbelievable" experience with BT/BTOR.

My neighbour had a new phone line installed by BTOR, the same day, my phone line went completely dead.  After 2 days an engineer was sent and "confirmed" connection from Street Cabinet to Telephone Pole.  This meant they needed to send me an engineer to have access to the house, for which i had to wait a further 3 days due to it landing over a weekend.

Here comes the best bit...  The engineer arrived and immediately worked out that when my neighbour had there new phone line installed...they CUT my phone line thinking it was their old line!!!!!

So, they got on with installing a new cable from the telephone pole, across the road to my property and even kindly changed the location of the main telephone socket since i was getting a new cable i could have it anywhere.  Only after all of this, to find out connectivity to the telephone pole was non existent... so what one earth did the original guy "confirm"?????????

Today, the 7th day without a phone line, a guy who works with the Underground stuff came out and repaired something under the telephone pole and further towards street cabinet - all is now sorted.

Of course i can't just let this lie, so i've raised a complaint.

My question to you guys is, has anyone experienced this before? Am i entitled to not only have a refund for the week without service, but also extra for the inconvenience an idiot BTOR engineer caused?

Look forward to any replies - 😄

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Re: Phone Line "cut" by BTOR Engineer while installing Neighbours Line

for your security please delete the ref number as this is a public forum

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Re: Phone Line "cut" by BTOR Engineer while installing Neighbours Line

sounds to me like a kelly engineer pinched your dside oh how we love contractors. 

candid case to be open on that one 

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