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Phone and mail scams targeting elderly and vulnerable people

Hi all

If you have a family member, a friend, or know of someone who is vulnerable or elderly, check out the ‘Think Jessica’ campaign at

Elderly and vulnerable people are particularly at risk from mail, phone or email scams so it really important to make sure that they are on their guard. If they’re unsure of the legitimacy of a caller or letter, encourage them to discuss with a family member, friend or someone they trust.  They should also know to be careful about sharing account numbers or personal details with callers.

The website has a lot of useful hints and tips on how people can help protect the most vulnerable people in society from professional scammers and criminals who deliberately target them.

BT has useful information on our website that you can share with family and friends as well. Find out how to handle unwanted calls, including screening and blocking calls, by going to

We’ve also put together a guide that explains how email scams and phishing work, and what practical steps you can take to keep yourself safe online.

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