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Phone and services disconnected

We moved to a new build house last November and eventually got BT services installed after 1 month....

However on friday morning my services were all disconnected and someone else who had just moved into the estate has my phone number!!!

I can only assume that something has went wrong at the local exchange.

I phoned BT support who needed me to commit to the possibility of a £129 charge. I refused.

My questions are.

Is there anyway I can get BT / openreach look into this without coming to the house?

Ideally I would love to cancel my BT contract without being penalised. Is it possible to cancel (currently still have 18 months left) a contract without paying due to poor service?

Any help / tips are greatly appreciated.



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Re: Phone and services disconnected

Welcome to this user forum.


BT do not provide or maintain the external network. This is done by Openreach who work for all service providers. BT do not get any special treatment.

As the fault is outside of your premises, you will not be charged.


You cannot cancel without paying the full cancellation charges.


Just report it either by using another phone, or doing it online. BT will not see a fault if its been accidentally connected to the wrong line, so you will have to insist on a visit.


Make sure you ask for a free divert of incoming calls to your mobile, for the duration of the fault, so you will not miss any calls.

Also check on MyBT, to keep a check on any calls that the other person may make, so you can claim a refund.


It should be fixed in three working days. In theory a visit should not be needed, but the Openreach Field Technician may wish to test back from your house, to the distribution point, to check the routing.



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