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Phone calls with regards to problems with "internet devices"

Hi all,

I have just had 2 phone calls from someone with an eastern accent, stating that they are looking at problems with my "internet device" whereby i am getting unauthorised files downloaded to it. i know this not to be true, as firewall and anti-virus software is all up to date. A friend of mine had a call similar to this yesterday and luckily her son was home who knew what he was talking about and managed to get rid of them. She then phoned Bt who told her that they wouldnt call anyone about anything on thier devices, they would send out an email if there was a problem.

They were very adamant and very demanding and very aggresive in thier way of speaking to you, not behaving like a customer service agent would.

Beware of this latest scam, if someone is on thier own and doesnt have a lot of knowledge on computers and internet and such, they could quite easily get led into something without knowing it.

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