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Phone fault: call centre staff seem to be making up info

Very frustrated. We reported a fault with our phone (affects broadband also of course) 10 days ago. Huge amount of crackle on line, so bad we can't hear the other party, and piifully slow BB speeds or no connection at all. Line tests done by BT confirmed a fault 'between the exchange and the telegraph pole'. Fair enough. Told fault would be fixed by 2nd Feb. This came and went with no fix and no contact from BT. Phoned again. Was assured problem would be fixed 'that day'. Call centre phoned back a day later 'just to check the fault had been fixed'. No, it hasn't. How could it be? We live on a small island, we know when the BT engineers are about and nobody has been near us.


Phoned again yesterday. Was again assured phone would be fixed that day (6th Feb). Again, it didn't happen. Phoned again today (Saturday 7th) and was told the reason it hadn't been fixed was that there had been a 'huge disaster locally'. Absolute piffle. I think we would know if there had been a disaster, and our neighbours' phones are all working fine. It's actually a lovely sunny day today. We have, however, had a lot of snow and rain recently and since our phone cables run along the side of the road there are often problems with 'weak joints' where the rain get in. We even know where these places are, and are 99% sure that it's a connection box at the top of our drive that is the location of the problem. It aslways is: we get this same problem several times a year.


 Was then was told that even if I couldn't see engineer's van on the road this would be because they were working in the local exchange. Absolute piffle: husband and I drive past the exchange several times a day. There hasn't been anyone working there today at all. There rarely is on a Saturday. Was assured that phone would be fixed by 1pm today. It was 12.40 when I was told this. Needless to say, there has been no progress.


Why can't they just tell us the truth? I would rather they said they were short staffed and couldn't get to our fault for a few days, or that (more likely) the wiring from exchange to pole is in a dreadful state because it's been patched up so many times, and it's now a nightmare for the engineer to isolate the problem.


And it would, of course, be nice to know when our line really will be fixed.


I'm due a call back tomorrow between 12 and 1pm. Any suggestions of what I should say/ask when the lady says she's 'just checking that the line is working properly'??



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Re: Phone fault: call centre staff seem to be making up info: can mods help?

Sorry to reply to own post.

Another deadline has come and gone. We did not receive today the promised phone call to check that the line was now working OK. It isn't. Don't know where to go from here. We don't even have a fault reference and there's nothing visible online at


Could a Mod help?


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Re: Phone fault: call centre staff seem to be making up info: can mods help?

Hi gterry,


I'm sorry about the problems with your line.  Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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