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Phone line corrosion

Hi,I need advice,we had bt infinity installed last year and ever since our phone been crackling we first had an engineer out in may last year who fixed the issue,our broadband kept dropping in between then so i was on the phone to them for 5 months we left it come December last year our phone line became crackling so we arranged an engineer to come out when I phone the customer services he asked us to take out the socket and test our line in the master socket and it was still crackling.when the engineer came out he done some testing never mentioned corrosion in the bt socket and replaced the front plate,now this year jan our phone again became crackling again and another engineer came out and repaired the faulty line beginning of Feb. our phone line become crackling again and we had a engineer out for two days there was a fault outside manage to change some line at the box.this month we had a £99 charge from back in December which the engineer didn't mention corrosion on our socket otherwise I would of got a replacement I've been on the complaints department I spoke to a guy called mark who was very rude to me and insisted it was our fault he said the engineer didn't say on the report there was NO damp on our walls and no spillages on the socket it was inside the front box? Now how did the corrosion happen I'm sure to my knowledge that them boxes are secure to stop corrosion? Any help how i can fight this?

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Re: Phone line corrosion

Hi xxmcvapourxx,


I can take a look at the details of the fault report, if you like? Please could you send me in your details using the link found in the "About Me" section of my profile?





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