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Phone line dead after broadband connection (other isp) has put me in a spot of bother

Dear All,
My problem is that my phone line is dead. My broadband was activated (by Plusnet) today, however, when I went to use it I noticed that my line was dead. I have called the fault line and followed the required steps to ensure that it is not my equipment which is at fault, moreover, I last used my landline two days ago during which it worked fine. I can only assume that when BT Openreach went to my local exchange they have prompted an error of sorts in my line. In addition, I have also contacted your call centre who were unfortunately no help and never called back as promised.
The above presents me with a major problem. I am a Phd student connected to the University of Philadelphia in the United States. Tomorrow at 8pm (3pm Philadelphia time) I am due to take part in a video presentation over the internet which is linked to a research project between the Glasgow and Philadelphia Universities. As I was certain that my broadband would be activated in time - which it is, except for the BT error - I decided to give my presentation from home, therefore cancelling room and equipment bookings at Glasgow University.


After calling BT (as they never called back) the customer adviser informed me, "the line fault is outside the home and should be fixed by Wednesday, I say Wednesday because BT Openreach don't work weekends." To this I explained my situation and stated that I knew Openreach did work weekends, so why could they not - seeing as it is their fault - send an engineer tomorrow? I am aware that I'm not the only person in the world, but there's no harm in putting yourself first ocassionally. The adviser simply told me that he would notify me by Monday (I thought he would have got my problem by now) and when I said this was terrible service I got the usual promise of an update tomorrow.
In short, the line fault has left me in a precarious situation with no way of finding an alternative at the last minute. Therefore I am desperate to have this resolved; silly as it sounds my career actually depends on it.


I'm angry at BT. They have developed a completely centralised system, where the ordinary person meets brick wall after brick wall when trying to get at the root of their problem. If BT were still on the high street and Openreach had a face, they would both see the problems they are causing. After reading some posts on here I am not naive enough to believe that BT's computer system will suddenly be able to develop sympathy and sort my line out. However, I was naive enough to think that I could trust a multi-national company to enable me to deliver six months of hard work via their system.


Well BT and Openreach, from your track record you don't mind keeping people waiting. Unfortunately for me, the people I am due to present to tomorrow evening will not tolerate such mistakes.


Thanks for nothing

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Re: Phone line dead after broadband connection (other isp) has put me in a spot of bother

Hi Jongloor,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Sorry for the delay in getting back you. Line faults should be resolved in up to 3 working days but in many cases it doesn’t take that long. Was the fault repaired in time? If not I can look into it for you. Drop me an email with the details. You’ll find the “contact us” form in the about me section of my profile.





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