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Re: Phone noise and intermittant non dial tone worried about engineers visit and cost

Openreach is a BT group company like many others but under OFCOM rules has to provide equal service to all providers

As to costs if the other company wish to lose money every time the use Openreach that has to be there choice
it may also explain there reluctance to send out engineers when there users have problems
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Re: Phone noise and intermittant non dial tone worried about engineers visit and cost we agree that Openreach is part of the BT group...and so they advertise themselves on the openreach vans to save them thousands of pounds, but of course its not to misrepresent themselves or to affiliate themselves with openreach and vise versa..because OFTEL does not allow this, wanting an equal service between all providers...basically the monopoly has been taken away from BT to allow us the customers to choose our own service provider......yet....the money we pay for openreach to make a visit goes into another account just not named BT.


Then its down to the service provider to hopefully subsidise the actual cost of getting openreach out to fix a mechanical problem and so as BT customers are treated the same as any other customer they don't get any preferential treatment...nor a reasonable subsidised charge. Is this £99 a set rate no matter how small or large the repair???.


The most fair way of getting a service engineer to visit is for us the customer to make that contract with Openreach..Then we the customer would know that we are all paying the same fair fee. Where can I see this transparent information...??.


Who pays for repairs carried out on the public highways?...


BT very readily inform us their customers of changes in the terms and conditions of our contract with them....WHERE is it written that we the customer will pay out to Openreach not part of the BT Group to make repairs....IF I had been informed of this then I really would not have worried myself about any of this...I would have some form of insurance that would cover me for this sort of eventuality....rather than say "Oh OK then I really don't have an alternative"....DO I?. with my arm being forced against my back.


Having spoken about this with friends and family they are all under the impression that if the line is broken BT will fix it for free....SO I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO IS BEING NAIVE about an expectation of a COMPLETE care package from BT.


Having traced my telephone line from my roof to the telegraph pole...It is with some relief that nothing obvious has caused damage to it....other than perhaps the weather....SO my fears of costs are reduced...BUT it has really made me angry that I and other members of the public have not been informed of the service provision aailable when things go wrong and the failure to be completely transparent.


We should not have to go to a forum to get information pertaining to our contract with BT or to understand who it is that is carrying out a repair if its not BT, I still like to hoover but I own a dyson...two completely different companies but I will stick with BT Openreach service engineers...its not that wrong I think.




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Re: Phone noise and intermittant non dial tone worried about engineers visit and cost

oops OFCOM my mistake.

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Re: Phone noise and intermittant non dial tone worried about engineers visit and cost

Bargetons, it does sound like there is a water based short on your line, I have had the same experience.


I would recommend you check the following.


1) Remove the cover of every junction box / connection box you have on the incoming line - there should be at least 1 where the incoming cable (the black one from the telegraph pole) attaches to the property. May be outside, may be inside. If outside look for damp / water / loose wires / corrosion etc. All the above lead to "crackle" and poor internet.

2) Check every inch of the incoming cable you can for any signs of damage - cracks, splits "crush damage" as any of these can let moisture in, or damage the insulation to the point you get a short circuit.

3) Look outside for trees / branches which may rub against the cable from the telegraph pole. Over time these can wear through the insulation leading to faults. BT call this a "tree rub" which is actually quite a common fault given the 4 year backlog (reputedly) of clearing tree branches fouling BT overhead cabling.


If there is tree fouling - tell BT. This will be delt with free of charge as long as the tree is not on yout property. If it is, you will get a bill. (£130 as a minimum)


If you find damage on the incoming line between the pole and the junction box on yur property, you MAY be charged, depending on the damage. Cracking / splitting due to old age should be free repair, but you may have to fight for it )as I did)


If you find damage between the junction box and the master socket, BT will almost certainly try to charge you for it (again £130), but you may fight that successfully (as I did as this is BT's equipment to be provided as part of the line rental) but again, only Openreach can replace this.


If it is pole or upstream fault, Openreach will repair free of charge as it is network.


Bottom line is that you need to check your bill carefully as BT will try to recover the Openreach charge from you, especially if the damage is within the boundary of your property. But like I said, check everything you can CAREFULLY as you may see some slight damage that a BT engineer may be in too much of a hurry to look for. You would be amazed at the amount of interference a tiny crack in the insulation can cause.....

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