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Phone won't hang up on calls

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After some faffing around and lots of internet research I've figured out that my problem is that a phone plugged into my extension network won't notify the main network that I have hung up. This results in my line going dead after a minute or so. I can fix this temporarily by removing the faceplate on my master socket and plugging a phone into the test socket, at which point the network gives me my dial tone back.


This indicates a problem with the internal wiring/systems and I'm trying to fix it myself to avoid a callout charge. However, I would like some help in figuring out what's gone wrong before I start rewiring or replacing extension boxes etc.


I have BT Infinity 1 (FTTC, all was fine for 9 months after openreach engineer installation), the master socket is an SSFP (socket for router above socket for phone, labelled openreach)


BT Help advises to check all the extensions but the problem starts with the lower front plate on the master socket (right hand piece in picture below). It's not the "middle" section (left hand piece in image)


because my broadband works and the phone works when this part is affixed and plugged into.


My main question is, could it solely be a problem with the lower front plate, rather than with any wiring or other extension sockets? I suppose I could test this by removing all wiring (to extensions) from the lower front plate but I'm trying to avoid messing with wiring initially. I know other extensions work briefly after I've unplugged and replaced the lower front plate (so some of the wiring is fine), they just can't signal hang up back to the telephone network, whereupon the line becomes dead.


If it's not likely to be the lower front plate then what might be the culprit, given that other extensions work once? 


Thanks for listening!




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Re: Phone won't hang up on calls

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It may be a Rectified Loop on the internal wiring.... It's unlikely to be the NTE faceplate...

Also you are aware if you called out an Openreach Engineer he/she wouldn't fix the fault, they would disconnect the internal wiring and leave you with working service at the NTE and then still charge you for the visit....
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Re: Phone won't hang up on calls

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Thanks for your reply, lines_man.


I ended up disconnecting the NTE faceplate and, you're right, it wasn't that. Finally traced it (I think) to an unnecessary connection at the original master socket which led back to the external box that connects to BT's underground cable. Wet weather may have shorted out these unterminated wires in the box.


It was an interesting exercise, to say the least! I had to determine the daisy chain order of six extensions (including the new master, now at position number 5, rewired at my request by the openreach engineer during my Infinity installation) and it wasn't made any easier by a probably faulty extension box at position 2.


As they say on South Park, "I've learned something here today!"


PS Engineer was booked, I asked and was told they would in fact fix the internal wiring but who knows what would really have happened! Engineer now cancelled. £130 saved!

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