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Picture freezing

Hi all, We have a humax BT vision box, and since December have been having problems with the picture freezing for a few seconds and the screen going black - happens every few minutes. It does this on live freeview channels, on recordings (including old recordings that have previously played back fine) and on catchup services, so can't see it being the tuner. Signal strength and quality is consistently high (we have a booster in the loft). My opinion is that the actual processor /demux /output is buggered but wondered if anyone else has seen this? We did also have a couple of weeks when the box kept making a high-pitched whining noise, though this has stopped now. Any advice welcomed!
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Re: Picture freezing

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Re: Picture freezing


It's clearly nothing to do with the signal as it happens with catchup as well as existing good recordings.

I suspect the unit might be failing but try a maintenance mode reset - see here. Try option 2 first then option 4.

You could also try a new HDMI cable and/or different HDMI port on the TV just to rule out that side of things.

If all the above fails then I think a replacement might be required.

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Re: Picture freezing

Possible overheating if cooling fan has failed, hence the whining noise before the fan stopped?

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