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Ping Fluctation

Hi I recently got switched to fast path and adsl2 which has made good improvements to my connection.

However I am still getting ping spikes whilst gaming and not sure why. I ran test on dsl reports for ping and it came back A and A+.

Product name: BT Hub 6A
Serial number: +084319+NQ81162965
Firmware version: SG4B1000B540
Firmware updated: 18-Oct-2018
Board version: 1.0
Gui version: 1.64.0
DSL uptime: 0 Days, 0 Hours 31 Minutes 25 Seconds
Data rate: 619 Kbps / 2.17 Mbps
Maximum data rate: 624 / 2212
Noise margin: 5.6 dB / 3 dB
Line attenuation: 67 dB
Signal attenuation: 40.5 dB / 67 dB
VPI / VCI: 0/38
Modulation: G_992_3_ANNEX_A
Latency type: Fast Path
Data sent / received: 16415 MB Uploaded / 12347 MB Downloaded
Broadband username:
BT Wi-fi: Not active
2.4 GHz wireless network name: BTHub6-82JW
2.4 GHz wireless channel: Smart (Channel 6)
5 GHz wireless network name: BTHub6-82JW-5
5 GHz wireless channel: Smart (Channel 40)
Wireless security: WPA2 (Recommended)
Wireless mode: Mode 1
Firewall: On
MAC address: AC:3B:77:03:CB:25
Software variant: -
Boot loader: 9.2

Anyone got any ideas? I’m using Ethernet also.
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