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Ping Issues on LAN and Wi-Fi

The Problem:

Ping spikes up to 3000 ping and intermittent connection drop out on both LAN and Wi-Fi connection, Ping goes crazy when multiple devices connected to router.

Actions taken:

After changing Router to a Netgear N300 with only a slight change in the value of ping spikes, I contacted a local Broadband Engineer to evaluate the problem, he charged me £45 to tell me he didn't know what the problem was and the best thing to do would be change provider and see if the problem goes away. This is not an option for me as my son uses the BT Sport App. A BT Engineer was sent to check the lines outside of the house and the only correspondence I received was an email asking me to do a speedtest and sent a text message with a link that didn't work.

Please help me!

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Re: Ping Issues on LAN and Wi-Fi

Hate to say this but there isn't much you can do about ping, I've had issues with my ping where it goes to 600 ms "although not by much as you"  and BT was useless.  My last openreach engineer he didn't knew what ping and jitter was, so I'm basically forced to go for another ISP. 


The ping spikes are happening because of BT network infrastructure, you are not only one who are suffering from ping issues.. there are countless of threads everyday and not a single response is given. 

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Re: Ping Issues on LAN and Wi-Fi

Thank you for your response lolowalsh,

It makes sense that BT Network Infrastructure is so poor that they have horrendously unstable Ping but what doesn't make sense to me is why the Wi-Fi and LAN connections don't work properly for streaming video or downloading files. I cant watch a 20 minute long video without having to reload the page multiple times and usually give up and switch to 4g hotspot.

On a side note, its a complete joke that when playing online games my 4G hotspot provides me with a better connection and half the ping with minimal Jitter and Spikes compared to the BT  Broadband connection

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Re: Ping Issues on LAN and Wi-Fi

Same my 4G and even BT fone is way stable than my current internet, after complaining yesterday I got a text message saying my internet should be stable by now and it was for few hours until I thought maybe things are fixed, then I wake up the next morning back again to horrible ping spikes. My last open reach engineer didn't even understand what ping and jitter means and he kept mentioning I'm getting the correct speed. I honestly don't have any other options other than switch my ISP now but before I do that, I need to give it 3 days to see if it will improve according to BT's text message.

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