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Ping after 6pm

Hi all.


searched forms and see this comes up alot but ill make this post anyway.


After 6pm for past week my ping has high 150+ and is just not nice. Had BT for couple years and have been trouble free. Since the problem is very time oriented I presume this is some sort of peak time thing, but I dont live in a busy area. I live in the country side with a a speed of around 5mb give or take.


My ping has never been super great but normally around 40-50 which is still ok. Im on top package so not a download related thing.


So I would like to know why BT are doing this ?


Many thanks (and sorry for ping related thread again 🙂

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Re: Ping after 6pm

Could you please post your Hub Stats: and go to A-Z and click on ADSL Settings/Status including the Line Attenuation, Modulation. Also the version of the hub firmware you're using.


And run a traceroute by going to command prompt (Windows Key + R) and typing cmd.exe to get the black box, and traceroute to the paricular website or server you are having problems with.

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