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Ping increased over time

Hi All,


I have BT Inifinity and initially I was getting sub 20ms pings in games, and about 20ms in speedtedt to my nearest server.


Over time this has increased to now being about 30ms to


Is there anyway to get the line reset to get the original ping back as it has an impact when I am doing online gaming.




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Re: Ping increased over time

You can always ask BT, on BT support lines, but if you do get a line reset you will most likely find that DLM will put it straight back after a while, I have the same problem, gaming on a BT connection is a bit hit and miss now, ever since they gave it unlimited on torrents and such, also giving away BT sports with a fiber connection, they have more to share now TBH.


I am in the same boat but my latency/ping is mapped with ThinkBroadband:



European servers are a no go area for me, so my BF4 gaming is limited to UK servers only, BT have said unless my ping goes over 100ms there is nothing they will do.


So on that note, good luck.


(On a side note, when I post to threads they die and get left on the shelf, the truth then gets hidden)



What's slow about FTTC........DLM 😞
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