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Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

Hello all, ever since mid-march I have been experiencing ping spikes and it is making online gaming unplayable. I play Rocket League at a relatively high level and this lag is hindering my performance. To the rest of my family, it is not so much a problem as they only use the internet for web browsing. We currently have the BT Smart Hub 2, which is paired to a BT WiFi disc, and in turn is connected to my desktop via ethernet. I will attach some images which will better explain the problem I am experiencing.  
ping google.PNG

 The above is a ping to (google), as you can see there are some rather extreme ping spikes, with a maximum ping of plotter final.JPG

This is a ping plotter graph where the target is also (google)

ping test netmeter.PNG

 A 5 second ping test which shows a minor spike to 130ms and a jitter of 4.7ms

router ping.PNG

 This is a ping to my router, which shows that everything here is fine.

Things I have tried:

- Power cycled the router and wifi disc

- Updated Windows 10

- TP link


At this point I don't know what to do. Any help is appreciated 😀

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Re: Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

Made an account to create a topic of this exact same issue. Pointless creating one when there are plenty un answered so will bump this.

I rang BT due to lag spikes of which was told i had a fault on my line. Engineer came out and said was no fault and couldnt explain to me what was cauaing lag spikes and packet loss. Just told me to ring back up if they return.

Has anybody been successful in resolving the latency issue apart from leaving BT? 



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Re: Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

I have been getting the same issue since April. BT doesn't wanna understand what the issue is or seem to really care about it. I have got to a point where I'm trying to terminate my contract. Awful. 

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Re: Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

Minor update: 

I have explained the issue to BT on the phone this morning and they said they will send another WiFi disc, I doubt this will achieve anything since I am plugged directly into one via an ethernet cable. They said that I need to wait for the new disc to arrive, and if that does not resolve the issue then I can call a number and they will escalate the issue. I'll keep the thread updated as best as I can.

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Re: Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

I have been in contact with BT about this issue every week for about a month now. They don't know what they are doing or understand the problem. 

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Re: Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

@Flashy6401 and @juliusp94 I'm sorry to see you're both experiencing latency spikes. I'll send you a private message so you can raise this with the moderation team and we'll carry out tests to see if there are any network issues. 

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Re: Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

Thanks for that Flashy6401.  Having the same issue for the last 6 weeks.  One minute it's fine then the Ping shoots through he roof and the speed tends to drop off considerably as well.

I'm pretty competent with networks and after years of having a bad network in a strange shaped house, I struck on the BT Whole home system.  Fitted 6 discs and had nearly 2 years of great network.  Then it just started.  Two engineer visits and 2 failed ones with a 'Cube' engineer failing to arrive on Thursday last, to top it all off.

I have taken all the discs out of the network and turned them off, now have the latest BT Smart Hub but tried two older models prior to that and a TP Link one.  Only WiFi from the hub now but my son can't play games because the other players kick him out as soon as the lag starts.  Infuriating and no end in site.  

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Re: Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

Update - An ethernet cable that I ordered arrived today so I am now plugged directly into the router. Unfortunately this has made no difference as I am still getting the ping spikes

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Re: Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

I've been going through this for 6 weeks now.  Tried everything, new routers, removing the Whole home discs etc, etc.  When I tried the ping direct to the router, I was still getting it.  I found that the spike happened when there was background uploading that I didn't realise was happening.  So if I had taken photo's or a video on the phone, it started backing up to the cloud and there was a ping spike.  Turned the WiFi off on the phone and the ping returned to normal.

I don't know if you have a low speed as norm but mine is 20MB down and 4MB up.

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Re: Ping spikes making online gaming unplayable

After 7 weeks I finally managed to terminate my contract with BT as I have had enough...whats so funny about it is that day I've had no ping what so ever. So don't let BT tell you that there is nothing wrong. 

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