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Ping spikes up to 1200ms making online gaming impossible

Hi folks,

Weird one here. Been with BT for yonks and have recently moved in December. Since moving and upgrading to Halo 2 package, we’ve found online gaming nearly impossible due to constant lag. 
We’ve got 2 Wi-Fi discs as well as a router set up (it’s only a small 2-bed semi house...) and all speed tests indicate there’s no issues. 

However, when running tests and checking our ping, we uncovered that we’re getting ping spikes every 5-10 seconds of up to 1200ms, meaning gaming is massively impacted on both PS4 and Xbox. The ping spikes show on PC too so it can’t be an issue with either console, and both are affected. 

BT told us they can’t do anything, so I’m desperately trying to find some way of managing this. More details of setup below, but if anyone can help, please please do!



BT Smart Hub 2

2x Wi-Fi discs

Both gaming consoles hardwired into router 

Have tried port forwarding, changing DNS settings, resetting stuff, ordering a new router, disabling firewalls, playing at different times of day and separately, changing Wi-Fi channels and more. 

You’re all my last hope before I give up entirely on being able to game online! 

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Re: Ping spikes up to 1200ms making online gaming impossible

Hi @Missposition welcome to the forum and thanks for your post. Sorry that you are experiencing high ping.
Try having gaming via Ethernet with nothing else connected to the broadband (wired or wireless) and see if you are experiencing high ping.
If you are getting high ping then please run a pingplotter and post the results.

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