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Please BT, Can someone sort my account out!!!!!!

I need someone who speaks proper English to contact me about my account now!!!!!!!

BT have just called me to try and sort my account out and the person ended up putting the phone down on me. I rang back and again another employee put the phone down on me!!!!!!!! And for the record I was neither abusive or angry towards them!!!!
I have just been informed that BT are sending my bills to an address that I left 4-5 years ago?????? WHY?????
My account is in a complete mess and I want to talk to someone who can sort it out immediately because everyone I have spoken to so far cannot seem to understand the problems I am having with BT.
I want answers to the following:
1 - Why are some bills being sent to an address I left 4-5 years ago and others to my actual address????
2 - Why did BT set up 2 separate accounts for me when I signed up for a BT Winter Warmer Deal that included, BT Vision with Sky Sports 1 & 2, ESPN, Movies, Music, Vision replay, Phone and Broadband????
3 - Why have I paid BT £411.20 to date with another £84.02 due to come out of my account on 17th August when I should have paid only £299 + calls? (5 x £59.80 as I signed up for), which also doesn't include the first 3 months free as stated when I signed up with your salesman Martin???? The number VOL011-*******was quoted at the time if that helps?????

I look forward to your swift and clear response otherwise I will take my business else where!!!!!!
James Butcher
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Re: Please BT, Can someone sort my account out!!!!!!

Hello James and welcome to the forums.


This is a customer to customer forum the only BT presence are the moderators, who can be contacted on the following link (Allow 72 hours for a response)


Regards  Pat


I would also advise you to edit out your VOL number, you can add it when you contact the mods. 

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Re: Please BT, Can someone sort my account out!!!!!!

Round the houses we go again!!!!

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Re: Please BT, Can someone sort my account out!!!!!!

Aye , but no stairs to climb, The mods do have a good record of sorting out these types of problems and they contact you by phone or email. Give Patty-L's   answer a go



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Re: Please BT, Can someone sort my account out!!!!!!

hi bancieri for your security could please edit the VOL number out of the post you can do this by clicking on options then edit reply also as suggested contact the forum mods they will get your problems sorted out for you
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