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Please Help - BT not fixing routing problem

Can someone please tell me how to get BT to fix my BB?


You may have seen me posting on this forum this last week, where BT are not routing packets from my home hub correctly.  If I am assigned a WAN IP beginning 86.160.x.x, then packets get dropped a few hops into the network.


This shows up on my hub connection test page as all protocols (DSL, ATM, etc) with green tick, including the Gateway IP, but a red cross next to the DNS servers.  But it is not a DNS problem, I can't ping/tracert a known server by IP address alone.  And, my neighbour has an identical problem, which pretty much rules out my hub and PC.


My frustration has just gone up, because after 1 week BT have closed my logged fault.  It was listed as a fault with the Retail Servers, so I had hope that it was being investigated appropriately.


But alas, they have just closed the fault log - and I still can't route from 86.160.x.x


Is there a magic phone number, or e-mail address to get through to the real engineers?  I don't think I can face another call to an off shore call centre, investigating whether my PC has a problem.


Charlie (getting a bit desperate now)





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Re: Please Help - BT not fixing routing problem

you can conatct the mods by completing the form

I presume you have read the other posts similar to your own but wanting an IP address starting 86 as the IP address starting 190 does not work with the newsgroups

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Re: Please Help - BT not fixing routing problem

Thank you very much.


I have embraced the call centre (one last time).  Despite telling them it is IP routing, they are insisting on running yet another line test from the exchange.


When this inevitably shows no problems, I will contact the mods.


I have seen the other routing issues on this site.  My one appears to be quite different.  I am being assigned IPs from a pool starting 86 or 81.  Most of these are fine, but 86.160.x.x will not route anywhere (beyond 4 hops).  So it is not a limitation on accessing BT news servers, nor a problem with 190 IPs.  But thank you.


Since this affects my neighbour, I am curious as to how widespread the issue is. 


My neighbour hasn't actually complained/logged this with BT, since they only occasionally lose their DHCP assigned IP, and then occasionally get an 86.160 address.  And then a router restart tends to resolve it (by fetching a non 86.160 address).


The tracert command gets as far a a router with a DNS entry listed in Milton Keynes, hence my wonder at how many customers this affects.  Perhaps 1000's, but people just reset the hub and move on?


I'm a bit shocked to discover that BT automatically close logged calls after 6 days.  But on the plus side, when I called again, I seemed to get fast tracked.






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