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Please Read This Before Wasting Your Life With BT



I eagerly awaited my 17Mb promised Internet access from BT.  On February 7th 2012 it was active, set up and was delighted, close to 17Mb access.  Unfortunately over a period of 5 days it went down in steps to just 2Mb speed. Called the people in India and was taken through a whole lot of ill informed 'tests' of my system to try and determine what was wrong.  I was even told to change the wireless channel even though I had advised I was connected via cable.  The trick is to get it escalate and as soon as possible.


Once escalated you will probably be contacted by someone who knows what they are talking about from Ireland.  I do actually know what I am talking about and so was able to convince the man at the other end of the phone that there was a problem at the exchange.  A few days later an engineer turned up, checked everything in my house before confirming there was a problem at the exchange.  Quick phone call to get the man at the exchange to put 'interleaving' onto the line and problem solved, stable at 17Mb.  Happy, well nearly.


Set up my BT Home Hub 3 with four Edimax Repeaters to give good wireless coverage all around the house, worked perfectly........For about two hours.  Believing it was my network set up I stripped it all apart reconfiguring everything.  I tried WDS Bridge, all the repeating options I had, a different ASDSL+ modem, a Netgear router connected to the Home Hub to better control DCHP.  All gave exactly the same results, perfect operation for around two hours then the whole nextwork collapsed.


Onto advanced networking set ups, different SSID, channel separation, blocking certain IP addresses nothing made any difference.  I then spent a few days searching the Internet, there is not a lot of published information but there was an underlying trend pointing to BT and DNS issues.  OK so I have to get a dynamic DNS account, why?  Because BT's is useless and is the cause of the continued failure of my network and probably the cause of the regular interruption of your service.  


I set up an account with NoIP, set the BT Home Hub 3 to to Dynamic DNS, type in the few details required and it connects immediately.  Did I see any change, yes my network is now completely stable and I enjoy very fast Internet access.


Am I happy, no not really.  Thge network set up I have today is the same as I had on 7th February and it is perfectly stable.  No where on any of the forum do BT acknowledge that their network DNS is rubbish, completely rubbish.  If you are having a problem get up a free NoIP Dynamic DNS account, if you are not having problems then get a free NoIP Dynamic DNS account because it is only a matter of time before you are plagued by the curse of the BT DNS.     



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Re: Please Read This Before Wasting Your Life With BT

This has worked perfectly for me. I can't believe the difference.
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