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Please can someone help...getting nowhere

I am a disabled BT customer with a disabled child and I rely on my BT phone line for emergency calls. For the last few weeks it has been crackling and gradually getting noiser and noiser on the line to the point where the other day it just went dead, the handset kept saying No Line. We live very rurally and mobile signal is non-existant so a landline is a must for us. I had called BT before it went dead to ask for someone to come out to find out what was going on and they arranged an engineer visit for the Monday just gone. I even has en email sent confirming this. I took the day off work (yes I do work), and waited in. The engineer did not show up. I was very cross about this, I usually have to use my days off for hospital appointments for me or my son so this just wasted this. I rang BT again only to be told there was nothing booked and according to their tests no faults on their line it must be my problem. 

I have checked everything I could at my end, taken off the faceplate of the master socket, plugged the phone into it, still noisy, unplugged the broadband, tried it without the broadband, still noisy, bought a new phone, still noisy. Dont know what else to do. By the way I have very interminttent internet access which mean my son cannot do homework. I am paying £57.50 per month for this service too. 

I finally got them to get another engineer visit booked by going through the complaints department, the engineer has been out today. He listened to the line, def heard the noise, looked outside and found corroded wires, which he said was the cause of the problem. The then did some tests and pronounced it all to be perfect and left. Approx 15 mins after he left I went to ring my hubby (who is at work), what did I find, phone is so noisy I cannot hear him! Back to square one! Nothing has been fixed!

Please can someone help me. I now cannot ring BT becuase the phone is so bad I cant hear anyone, mobiles dont work where I live, I dont seem to be getting anywhere. I can sometimes get on the internet but not all the time and I am paying for this service. I have lived here 7 years, been with BT for phones all this time and this is the 1st time I have had a problem I dont know what is going on but I need my landline back, even if it is just for emergency calls.

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Re: Please can someone help...getting nowhere



Sorry to hear of the problem you are facing with your BT landline service.


Just to check. Are there microfilters on every socket in the house as these can cause interference on the line.


If the line is noisy report the fault again to 151 but don't mention broadband just mention you have a phone fault.


Weather can also affect the line. Check here to see if there is any local problems:



Hope this helps,


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Re: Please can someone help...getting nowhere

Hi Kgypsey


Welcome to the forums.


I am really sorry that you have been left with a line that you can't really use.  I'll get involved and get this sorted out for you.


Could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



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