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Please correct my billing address

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Somehow the billing address has been changed for 1 of my BT accounts, I have 2 BT Accounts and each account should have a different billing address, one address for each property.

The billing address in question has changed to my home address, but none the less it is still the wrong address.

The problem is that the billing address cannot be changed by me on the My BT account as the address in question isn't registered with Royal Mail and therefore doesn't show up on the drop down list of properties, supplied by Royal Mail.

The reason the address doesn't show is because it is a holiday residence (non-residential) however Openreach and BT installed the line nearly 3 years ago, no questions and there was no issue with creating the address with them, in fact I have nearly 3 years of bills with the correct address on.

The problem arose I think when I was due to switch to Plusnet and the loyalty team convinced me to stay with BT, but the sales guy thought I was switching to Plusnet at my other (home) address which I wasn't as I still in contract for that address with BT, that's when things got complicated and the system went awol.

I spoke to BT who said they cannot change the address back as it is not registered with Royal Mail, (there is no way I can register the address with RM as it's non residential, it's just not going to happen).

BT Were  eventually able to update it on 2 of their systems but the third system was unable to be updated, they said they would need to speak to the data integrity team to sort it out fully,

Because it appears to be some sort of error they said they would update it,  I was consequently promised a phone call 2 days ago to discuss it but no phone call has been received.

My address is still wrong in the My BT account and I would like it changed back please, if someone is able to do that I would be grateful.

I cannot see why BT cannot just input the correct address manually and revert to the way it was, they know I have accounts with them, I have old bills with the correct address on as proof and the line is physically connected to the property in question, they even sent a new smart hub to the correct address when I re-contracted and the order was accepted, but it still shows the wrong address on the My BT page.

I want my data to be accurate to comply with the GDPR,

I have to say everyone I spoke to was really helpful and kind at BT but I am fustrated that this is not getting resolved.

Hopefully I will get a call from BT in a day or two to say its been resolved, if I do I will post back.


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Re: Please correct my billing address

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I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Please correct my billing address

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Hi @offgridlee and welcome to the community.

Thanks for posting about the billing problem, I’m sorry there’s been a few issues. I’ll be happy to take a look at this and see if there’s anything I can do to help.

I've sent you a Private message explaining how you can contact the forum moderation team.
Check here:

Drop me a reply with the details and we'll take it from there.



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Re: Please correct my billing address

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Thanks everyone for your help, it appears to be have been corrected now.

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Re: Please correct my billing address

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Thank you for letting us know it's fixed. 



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